First class at 9:00 AM today.

My fantastic alarm clock goes off at 8:40 (it was set for 8:15). I think I set a land speed record for getting in and out of the shower.

I went to the kitchen, zapped my coffee for only twenty seconds so it would still be cold enough to drink, chugged my coffee, gagged on it, ran to my room, grabbed my bike, and bolted down the stairs.

I took the busiest thoroughfare near me to save time (Santa Fe) and almost got squashed by multiple colectivos.

I rolled into school at nine on the nose. I ran upstairs and found…an empty classroom.

Upon further investigation, an administrator told me that the class had been moved to eleven and didn’t I get the email?

No, no, I did not, in fact, receive such an email. I registered late, I said, while sweating from the sudden onset of caffeine.

Oh, she said. Well, it’s at eleven.

Now I’m sitting here with caffeine jitters trying to type on a Latin American keyboard. Buenos dias!



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2 responses to “Morning

  1. think Ralph from the Simpsons, ha ha!

  2. Dan

    The coffee isn’t all you gagged on.

    Suck(in’) it (already) Eisenhood!

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