noentiendoI think I’ve finalized my courses:

Advanced Spanish Conversation – TR 11:15 – 1:15 – 2 hours of nothing but Spanish. My profesora barely speaks any English and she speaks at full speed. This requires my A-game focus. Especially since there are only four students in the class.

Advanced Grammar and Composition – MW 9:00 – 11:00 – I had to give up my pipe dream of classes two days a week and suffer this painfully early continuation of AP Spanish IV. (Keep in mind I haven’t taken a Spanish class/spoken in Spanish for three years). I actually haven’t attended this class yet. I was going to sign up on Tuesday night, but then I decided to go out to a surprisingly crowded hip-hop/funk/dubstep party. This class will maybe teach me past subjunctive.

Tango and Mass Culture – TR 7:00 – 8:30 – This is an awesome class about tango: its origins, influences on Argentine culture, shifting styles, and musical background. We will examine gender, class, and race relations through a tango frame. We also get to do a little dancing. Interesting fact: the other two kids in the class and I have petitioned it be moved to 3:30 since 7 PM is silly late. (I don’t know why more aren’t taking this class – it’s gonna be awesome).

Reporting Buenos Aires – TR 1:45 – 3:15 – The managing editor of the Sunday magazine of the Clarin newspaper (largest circulation in Argentina) is guiding us to write features, basically. This is going to be my favorite class, I think, since we’re going to be exposed to some of the darker sides of Buenos Aires that we don’t see when we stumble around our trendy, rich neighborhood bar hopping. Teasers: interviews with mothers of the desaparecidos (the people who “disappeared” during the Dirty War in the ’70s and were tortured and often killed by the government) and those addicted to or affected by paco (a smokable cocaine paste that is, allegedly, more addictive and noxious than crack. It has ravaged Bs As since the recession in 2001 because it only costs ~u$s 0.50 a hit).



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  1. How can you stand being in such small classes? You have excellent self esteem….I ordered the core fusion workouts–we’ll see what happens–maybe i can build a rooftop spa here somewhere…

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