(Holy) Roller Coasters

jesusOk, ok, ok. I know what I’m doing next weekend. I just found out that on the outskirts of Buenos Aires there is a super fantastic theme park calling my name.

Tierra Santa is the world’s first (only?) religious theme park, dedicated to the splendor and power of Jesus Christ. One man testified after his trip, “I connected with God in a different way.”

Attractions include a smattering of shows and live performances and, get this, an “unavoidable half-hourly resurrection of an 18 meter Christ accompanied by recorded Latin choir singing.” You can also enjoy the scenery, speckled with “plaster donkeys and oxen,” on your way to the world’s largest manger.

You know how they say studying abroad can be life-changing? My trip to Tierra Santa could be a defining moment.

Alas, there don’t seem to be any actual rides at Tierra Santa. Wait, wait, sorry, there’s one. And the only one that matters, really. The spiritual ride.


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  1. Ah, you know I would BE there…but would prefer a coaster…

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