Spinning at Berlin.

Big cities that I’ve been to all have their own energy. When you walk/bike around on the streets, you get a sense of the energy each city exudes; each is different.

I can’t figure out if Buenos Aires has the kind of groove that New York has. The pace feels too slow – time is like putty here, stretching and compressing as necessary, which isn’t particularly conducive to rhythm.

I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. There’s something really great about not ever knowing what time it is. (Also, being able to show up 30 minutes is nice).

What’s weird is that the scene here is very much about dancing – either at boliches (dance clubs) or milongas (tango dances). I could probably talk here about how tango’s syncopation and frequent cuts align it well to a culture without a rhythm, but I would just be bullshitting. There’s still a lot of ritmo in tango.

Strange disconnect, that’s all. I kinda like it, though.

In other musical news, I DJed at a bar this Thursday – hip-hop, disco, funk, and house for about an hour and a quarter. It was a great time. The bar was packed and (I’m not kidding) more than half the kids in my program came out and kicked it. Got a little sloppy, but what good dance party doesn’t?

Also, I’ve been spending the last two hours listening to new disco and funk downloads instead of doing my large stack of homework. And now I’m blogging. And now the US Open women’s singles final is on. Ah, well. I’ve decided homework is uniquely American, like our wacked healthcare system, so I don’t have to deal with it here.



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2 responses to “Rhythm

  1. Keith

    It is great to read of your adventures, you have brought me a ton of smiles. You sound great, so glad it is working out, like there was any question.

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