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Iguazu Falls, Round 1

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I will have many more photos and commentary in a future post.

I will also switch back to iMovie 6 because iMovie 8 is total garbage that should have never been made. Sorry for the crappy editing.



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loteria_nacionalEvery time I visit a new state in the US, I play the lottery. I’ll buy a one dollar scratcher and cross my fingers. (I won in Vermont [$2], tied in Pennsylvania [$1], and lost in a lot of places).

Today I stopped by the agencia de lotería by my house and tried my luck.

Argentines love their lottery, spending well over a billion US dollars a year on it and slot machines. Slot machines are fittingly known here as tragamonedas – “change swallowers.”

Anyway, I bought a 2 peso scratcher (~US$0.50) and, of course, lost.


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I am aware I have been absent from this blog for a month. Here’s why:

1) I’m having a lot of fun.
2) I’ve been traveling and will continue to be until the end of the month.
3) I’m not online all that much.
4) When I am online, I’m working for NYU Local.

So, I really do have a lot of posts ready to write, but currently no time to write them.

I just returned yesterday morning from a nice long trip to Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city. I played in an Ultimate tournament there. More details in a future post.

This evening, I leave for Iguazu Falls (20 hour bus ride!). I’ll be back Sunday, when more regular posting will resume. But then I leave again the following Friday for a week long backpacking trip.

So, yeah. I love you all and I WILL catch up with lots of photos and stories. But I’d rather spend my time outside than blogging.


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