OK, so I feel a little guilty after having not blogged in over a month. I’ve been working on some heavy stuff for a big exposé on NYU Local next week and haven’t been thinking much about the personal blagging. Anyway, I’m still alive and I have some great photos from my 1st big trip outside of Buenos Aires to Córdoba.

Córdoba is the 2nd biggest city in the country, located about 10 hours away from Bs As by bus. In October, the Ultimate community there organized a tournament, giving me an optimal excuse (not that I needed one) to travel.

It was an amazing weekend. Although the fields we played on may have been the worst I’ve ever seen (yes, worse than Tucson – they were pure dirt), everyone played hard and enjoyed the heat (it was still cold in Bs As).

There were, I believe, 7 different countries represented at the tournament, but my team ended up being mostly Americans :/ But it’s cool because we won. And then we forced everyone to pay us reparations. Imperialism FTW!

The best part of Ulti tourneys, though, is hanging out after the games (especially at casual tournaments like this one). Everybody came together and kicked it at our hostel on Sunday night. Josh fired up the parrilla and grilled up the most choris I’ve ever seen in one place at one time. So much chori.

I met a lot of new people (particularly rival players in the Bs As league) and generally had a superb weekend. It included delicious breakfasts, my first experience with costillas (beef ribs seasoned only with salt – DELICIOUS), and Argentina’s version of Oktoberfest (not too impressive). I also did a lot of sitting. Those of you that know me will understand that sitting is one of my favorite activities.

For more pictures, go here. Coming up soon: my EPIC spring break.


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