Jumping Out Of Planes

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m starting with the end of my Spring Break by sharing this video. This was my first time skydiving and I hope (sorry Mom) not my last!

There’s really no way to explain what it’s like to skydive. You don’t get the ‘stomach in the throat’ feeling because of the air pressure from below you. It’s very windy. It’s absolutely exhilarating. You just watch the Earth rising up to meet you. Incredible.I’ll have a lot more about the folks I went skydiving with and my time in San Juan (even more epic than the skydiving itself!).

Enjoy the video. It was taken via helmet cam. The pink chute is a stabilizer – you’ll see the main chute pop too.



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2 responses to “Jumping Out Of Planes

  1. Madre

    Extremely cool video. Glad I didn’t know about the jump before it happened. And don’t tell me about the future ones either! A mother’s heart can only take so much…

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