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La Bomba De Tiempo

As this is my final Monday in Buenos Aires in 2009 (I will return to Albuquerque on Saturday), I felt it was only appropriate to share one of the best Monday night activities in town. The photos are from my first trip, months ago, during the first couple weeks of my stay.

Every week, a big group of drummers, dubbed Bomba de Tiempo (Time Bomb), gets together and jams out for about three hours. Hundreds of people show up – partying hard and dancing harder.

One of the best things about this city is how well they throw a party. It really does not stop – any night of the week you can find an amazing show or club packed with people. And everyone stays out until the damn sun comes up.

I look forward to my final Bomba tonight.


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Work Zone

I’m in it. The work zone has a large overlap with the no-fun zone.

But I’m paying my dues now so that I can relax carefree on the beach this weekend, playing ultimate and getting sunburned. Enjoy your snow northern hemisphere! Ha!

1 paper down. 1 to go. And a test. And a presentation.

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