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Los Girasoles (And Why Guidebooks Suck)

After Acapulco, I bussed over to Mexico City (henceforth DF, which stands for Distrito Federal, the real name). DF is a wild, amazing place that deserves far more than the three days I spent there. I´d love to live in the city for a few months.

Anyway, I decided to take a look in my handy Fodor´s guidebook for recommendations on restaurants near my (excellent) hostel (that wasn´t in my guidebook).

I went to a place called Los Girasoles (sunflowers) that supposedly served good nueva comida mexicana. Well, the decor was nice and the staff was friendly, but the food was really not impressive (I had chiles rellenos). And it cost me a fortune – over $25 for a small appetizer, main dish, and 2 drinks at lunchtime.

The following day, I went to  an awesome artisan market and walked past a small staircase with a sign pointing up to a restaurant called…Los Girasoles. I went up. Inside was a small room with attached open kitchen, it looked like a house. An older woman was alone in the kitchen and asked me if I wanted to eat. The menu was set: cream of broccoli soup, rice with ham, chicken tacos, and horchata. For 35 pesos. That´s less than $3.

The food was riquissimo (delicious). And it cost less than my dinky appetizer at my guidebook´s recommended restaurant.

Here´s the thing: guidebooks are good for telling you about things to do, but they are TERRIBLE at recommending food and lodging. Why aren´t there any companies that have cheap, delicious food options listed? Not all travelers are rich, American tourists.

Anyway, I just arrived in San Cristóbal in the lovely region of Chiapas in south Mexico. I´m staying with a lovely family here (thanks Lisa!) and will be sightseeing throughout the area and perhaps even joining the family on a trip to their ranch near the Guatemalan border to help them pick coffee beans.


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Well, this was my first serious beach vacation. Ever. Yes, my family hates me and wanted to deprive me of the ocean as a child.

But, anyway, I just spent 5 days on the beach in Pie de la Cuesta, about 50 km north of Acapulco, playing Ultimate and kicking back, sipping pina coladas. Let me tell you, that´s good times.

I met tons of great people from all over the place and really couldn´t have had a better time. I hope I can make it back to the tourney.

Short blogging now because I´m in Mexico City now trying not to waste my 3 days here. More to come.

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The Next Few Weeks

As this is a travel blog and I’ve been home in Albuquerque, NM, I haven’t updated in quite a while. But that will soon change, as I am about to embark on a three-week trip to Mexico.

I will be traveling to Acapulco for an Ultimate tournament, then going to Oaxaca, the Chiapas region, and possibly the Yucatan peninsula. I will spend a couple days in Mexico City before I swing back by Albuquerque to pick up my things to head back to Bs As.

I also just got a new camera and will be posting lots of photos. 18X zoom. Hyped.

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