As I’ve written about here in the past, Argentine culture revolves a lot around food and, in particular, beef. The asado (barbeque, sorta) is the quintessential family/friends gathering. Everyone gets together for hours and eats. A lot.

Eli (my housemate) and I fired up our parrilla on Friday and cooked up some delicious food. Chorizo, entraña, asado de tira, morrones, y una ensalada de tomate y cebolla. That’s sausage, skirt steak, ribs, peppers, and a tomato and onion salad. Bam.

Eli and I have agreed that Sundays there will be asado, unless there’s a strong reason not to have one. It’s the default. Get hyped.

Although Eli (right) and I handled the meat, the salad was all Moni (Eli’s girlfriend) and Maggie (Ben’s girlfriend, left). Ben (center) is Eli’s brother who was in town staying with us for about a week. Good people.

And that’s what an asado is all about. Bringing people together. To eat some delicious steak.


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