Urban Life

I’ve now been living in a big city for three years – 2 years in New York and 1 in Buenos Aires. Every time I arrive after being somewhere else (in Albuquerque, on vacation, etc.), I’m filled with a sense of excitement and rhythm that only a big city can offer. But that sensation quickly fades. The pace and impersonal nature of cities grows tiring.

This, from Ben Casnocha, struck me:

When I arrive in Patagonia, or the coast of Uruguay, or a spectacular national park in America, I always have the immediate thought: “I want to move here and live here forever.” The tranquility and beauty is seductive. Yet, I know that after a couple weeks I’d get bored or lonely. There wouldn’t be enough smart people around to socialize with. Thanks to Skype and videochat and the web, though, I think I could last much longer living in a nature setting (with broadband internet) than in times past. Perhaps my ideal is 60% city life, 40% rural / nature.

I had that same thought run through my head during my time in Patagonia. It was just such stunning and peaceful landscape that you can’t imagine going back to the dirty air of a city. But, he’s right. Too much time in rural areas gets so boring. I crave the vibrancy of a city even after spending extended time in Albuquerque.

I love New York, but I have to say, I don’t see myself there five years from now. I can’t say it wouldn’t happen, especially if I had a great job. But it’s tough to get out of the city properly in order to recharge the nature battery. One reason I like ABQ is that it’s a (very small) city embedded in a lot of nature.

I’m a west coast kid, really. I just don’t know where I’d like to live after college. California? Colorado? All I can really say is probably not New York.

Photo via Flickr user sreevishnu (CC).


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