The Best of NYU Local: Spring 2010

The Washington Square News, NYU’s student newspaper, just sent out an email with a list of their best stories from the semester. Their list got me thinking about my favorite pieces from NYU Local this semester.

So here’s a list of my top 10 posts, in no particular order:

The Alec Baldwin Interview – Certainly the highest profile interview we’ve had on Local. Funny, interesting, and a great read.

This Morning’s TBNYU Protest Reveals An Organization Fumbling for Relevancy – Brutal takedown of the scraps of TBNYU that remain. Proved to me that Kimmel stunt was a diversion and a quest to be in the spotlight, without a true ideological purpose.

How This Recession Permanently Screwed Our Entire Generation – Ned at his best. Hard to summarize, just read it. It really shows his progressive colors – we’re screwed unless we help those less fortunate than us.

Stern Professor Shuts Down Whiny Student in Bitch-Please Email – One of the best stories at NYU this semester. Classic.

In Defense Of The Straight, Single NYU Female – Annie goes hard at Damon Beres. Not sure if Damon deserved such a huge takedown for what he wrote, but this was probably the best rant of the semester.

WTF Gallatin Majors: Grand Romantic Gestures – The first, and best, of this excellent series.

Don’t Be Afraid To Skip A Reading: Advice For Freshman Year – Although there’s not a whole lot of advice here, it’s great to see the way the first year at NYU unfolds through a freshman’s eyes. Very refreshing and honest.

An Interview With NYU 2013 YouTube Star Maddi Gilje – Similar to above, it’s great to see such optimism from new students at NYU. Maddi’s excitement is inspiring (and her videos are hilarious).

Leavin’ Blogs Is Hard To Do – Jess’s goodbye post is, of course, awesome. Must read. I’m going to miss her a ton.

How NYU’s Medical Center Is Helping Patients But Hurting Our Health Care System – This is the post I’m most proud of from the semester. It was too long and I think a lot of students didn’t read it and/or didn’t care about it, but I worked my ass off researching and preparing the piece and it stands out to me as some of my best work at Local.

Two other series I couldn’t select from but wanted to note: Most Eligible Bachelor(ette) and our Study Abroad Guides. Both fantastic.


It was a great semester and I really can’t wait to get back to New York to meet the staff I don’t know and get to work on another exciting year.


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  1. Great list, meet you IRL soon

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