Harry Potter

Rosie (an NYU Local colleague) writes:

Put four kids around a table in someone’s backyard (!) in Brooklyn. Add beer and weed and if someone mentions how insane the second [Harry Potter] book was, you will not be able to stop talking about it for  three hours. You’ll remember a lot of stuff, and forget a lot of stuff, and it’s all kind of eye-opening to think about now that we’re adults (we’re totally adults, shut up).

I laughed out loud when I read this because it is 100% true. I have had some epic HP discussions in the last couple of years (notably around a dinner table in Berlin with some great people after a couple glasses of wine). The thing is: we (college kids) are the Harry Potter generation. We grew up with Harry, just about on the same schedule as he went to school.

I was so into the books that I would literally read them cover to cover in a few hours. It was just impossible to put them down. And, as Rosie notes, going back now and talking about the experience is amazing, especially because everyone has their own interests and memories about the series.

Particularly fun for me was the 7th book. At the time, I was working at Borders. Because of my DJ work, the manager asked me to host the book release. It was an amazing experience. Well over 1000 people came that night, from people my age, just about to graduate like Harry, down to young children and up to grandparents. Half the people were in costume. One group came dressed as a Quidditch team and got down to some Michael Jackson tunes.

I’m now super excited to watch my little brother start reading the books. He’s 10, so it won’t be long now. And I bet he’ll have the same conversations with his friends when he’s in college. Maybe even sitting around a table in Brooklyn.

But no beer or weed, thanks, he’s my little brother!


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  1. Madre

    He’s really 9, but ok… I remember buying you the books, shipping some out to PA to your delight.

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