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6 months of asados. That is all.


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New Apartment

After months of searching for an apartment in DC to no avail, I lucked into a really sweet spot via the wonders of social networking (thanks Rustin!). It’s really swank – keyless entry, video buzz-in, touchscreen AC unit, dishwasher, classy asian-themed decor, flat screen TV, and heated bathroom floors.

Some quick facts: I live in West End (south of Dupont Circle, east of Georgetown), I’m 2 blocks from a Trader Joe’s, the apartment is less than 2 years old, my bike commute to work is 8 minutes, and there’s a gym across the street. I could not have found a better place. I’m also paying obscenely low rent for the area (because it’s a condo, not a rented apartment – the owner, perhaps mistakenly, offered the place for super cheap). Anyway, these photos are of the main room/kitchen. The (big) bedroom is on the left side of the hall.


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