New Apartment

After months of searching for an apartment in DC to no avail, I lucked into a really sweet spot via the wonders of social networking (thanks Rustin!). It’s really swank – keyless entry, video buzz-in, touchscreen AC unit, dishwasher, classy asian-themed decor, flat screen TV, and heated bathroom floors.

Some quick facts: I live in West End (south of Dupont Circle, east of Georgetown), I’m 2 blocks from a Trader Joe’s, the apartment is less than 2 years old, my bike commute to work is 8 minutes, and there’s a gym across the street. I could not have found a better place. I’m also paying obscenely low rent for the area (because it’s a condo, not a rented apartment – the owner, perhaps mistakenly, offered the place for super cheap). Anyway, these photos are of the main room/kitchen. The (big) bedroom is on the left side of the hall.



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5 responses to “New Apartment

  1. Ned

    THAT is affordable housing in Washington DC?

    I hate you.

  2. jon

    you have to tell us all how much you’re paying. you … absolutely … must.

  3. For what amounts to an alley kitchen, they’ve really maximized the space and appeal. Congrats!

  4. Gorgeous apartment. You’re being looked after!

  5. Daniel

    That is an insane apartment. Nicest I’ve seen.

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