AUDL Levies $20,000 In Fines On Constitution

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The Connecticut Constitution announced this morning in a newsletter that they have been informed by the American Ultimate Disc League that they must pay $10,000 for each game they missed during their suspension. The penalties are due to the two teams affected — Kentucky and Indianapolis.

Bryan Ricci, the owner of the Constitution, told Ultiworld that the league said the team could resume play once they “sign promissory notes for $10,000” to both KY and IN. “There’s no way I’m going to pay $20,000 to anyone,” added Ricci, calling the fines “severe and excessive.”

The announcement, which has not been made official by the league, further exacerbates the tension between the two parties, who are fighting a legal battle.

The odds of a settlement seem to be decreasing. Ricci said that the team’s lawyers have not heard from league lawyers since last Friday. The team has until Tuesday to officially respond to the courts about the lawsuit.

Speaking about a scenario in which the two parties go to trial, Ricci said, “The odds are in our favor. The question is, how much do we spend to make it get there?”

The remainder of the Constitution’s season — and their playoff berth — are in jeopardy. If Ricci refuses to pay the fine and the league stands firm, the Constitution will not play again.

The Constitution will still hold an event this weekend, but their scheduled game against the Detroit Mechanix is cancelled. The league has not responded to requests for comment.

Disclosure: My friend and college roommate Husayn Carnegie plays for the Constitution.


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2 responses to “AUDL Levies $20,000 In Fines On Constitution

  1. Chris Lehmann

    Wow… I mean, just… wow. I REALLY want to see a copy of the AUDL’s by-laws now.

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