Think Progress/Wonk Room Archive

NYU Local Archive

Albuquerque Journal Archive


Some of my best work:

Claiming He Doesn’t Want To ‘Scoop’ Himself, McConnell Refuses To Detail GOP Agenda – Think Progress

Nelson And Lincoln Vote To Permanently Extend Bush Tax Cuts, Massively Increase Deficit – Think Progress

Oil Industry Using Tax Loopholes To Enrich Shareholders, Not To Explore For Oil – Wonk Room

Corporate Sponsored Government – The Progress Report

NYU Trustees’ Companies Reap Millions In University Contracts – NYU Local

NYU’s Wise And Courageous Partnership With The “Ground Zero” Mosque – NYU Local

Top WSN Editors Slam Supervisor, Open Rift At Paper – NYU Local

Cost-Cutting Measures Save NYU Millions, But At Hefty Cost To Staff – NYU Local

How NYU’s Medical Center Is Helping Patients But Hurting Our Health Care System – NYU Local

My 30-hour liveblog embedded within a student building occupation and protest. It was the definitive coverage of the event and got linked to by The New York Times, Gawker, Gothamist, and more. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Post-Mortem – NYU Local

Day 1 of a widely-read health care debate (paywalled) – ABQ Journal


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