Think Progress/Wonk Room Archive

BP keeps cleanup workers getting sick from pollutants out of its records, claims only two such incidents.

Texas GOP wants to make marrying gays a felony, reinstate sodomy ban.

Angle Calls Unemployed ‘Spoiled,’ Says Senators Are ‘Not In Business Of Creating Jobs’

Financial Regulation Bill Contains Measure To Address ‘Conflict Minerals’

George Allen lauds Fox News: It can ‘get our ideas out.’

Oil Industry Using Tax Loopholes To Enrich Shareholders, Not To Explore For Oil

Georgia GOP Candidate Handel On Why She Doesn’t Think Gays Are Suitable Parents: ‘Because I Don’t’

Bachmann files to start, lead House Tea Party caucus.

Fox News gives Vitter a pass on aide scandal.

Right Wing Economist Laffer Bashes Greenspan For Calling For End Of Bush Tax Cuts

Angle holds three-minute press conference, then runs from questions.

RNC failed to report over $7 million in debt.

Bachmann: If GOP wins the House, ‘all we should do is issue subpoenas.’

Only 1.38 percent of Fox News’ primetime viewers are African-American.

O’Reilly: Obama should ‘sign the executive order’ ending DADT, ‘it’s just not fair, we should stop this nonsense.’

Right-Wing Pundit Phyllis Schlafly Decries Government Assistance For ‘Unmarried Moms’

Claiming He Doesn’t Want To ‘Scoop’ Himself, McConnell Refuses To Detail GOP Agenda

CO Tea Party candidate: Bike-sharing is a ‘well-disguised’ effort to turn Denver into a ‘United Nations community.’

Nelson And Lincoln Vote To Permanently Extend Bush Tax Cuts, Massively Increase Deficit

Republicans’ Economic Solutions Pamphlet Doesn’t Actually Contain Any Solutions

Republicans’ Corporate Backscratching Earns Them Huge Boost In Wall Street Donations

Right-wing columnist calls Prop. 8 judge a ‘false god,’ compares same-sex marriage to slavery.

Corporate-Sponsored Government – The Progress Report (Morning Newsletter)


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