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Saturday House Blogging

I’m back in Buenos Aires. The big story of the new semester is that I’ve got an apartment now (that I’m sharing with my good friend, Eli, who also studied here last semester) and I’ve escaped the tyranny of NYU housing and homestays.

To be fair, I liked my homestay, but, in terms of freedom, it was a far cry from my situation now.

I live right next to a grocery store, kiosco, farmacy, bread store, and pastry shop. I will probably be fat when you see me again.

So here’re some pix of the house:

This is the main hallway. To the left (off the photo), there is a small living room with a (surprisingly comfortable) couch, table, and a couple of chairs. A TV with very basic cable (no ESPN…) is there for soccer games.

To the right down the hallway are the two bedrooms. Nothing fancy – bed, table, chair, shelves. They definitely need some personality added.

Up the short staircase is the bathroom and a larger staircase that heads up to the kitchen. It’s a small, but really nice one. The gas stove cooks evenly and quickly. There’s a ton of natural light. Also, the house’s only air conditioner! (As it is currently about 90 degrees, we have fans in our rooms. Thank God.)

Attached to the kitchen is a small patio with…an outdoor shower (?) and a parrilla. Asado time. Definitely gonna throw some parties.

Anyway, plenty of space and it should be really great when the temperature comes down a little bit. It’s really hot and humid right now.

In other news, my bike got stolen. Big bummer. Today I’m off to look for a cheap new one. Later, frisbee.


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Mi Casa

IMG_0340So here’s an obligatory quick post about my living situation. I’m living with my host mother, Marta (who has been wonderful so far) and another student from my program, Danielle. Right now, I’m serving as a language conduit between the two, since Marta speaks almost no English and Danielle is a relatively new Spanish speaker. It’s good for me to translate – I listen closely and am able to work on my phrasing in Spanish. We are all getting along quite well.

My room is great – huge (perhaps the size of my spot in NY, which I shared with my roommate), well-lit, and comfortable. I have two big glass doors that open out to a balcony facing the jardín botánico. (For those of you familiar with the city, I live right on Ave. Santa Fe). I love these doors at all times except 8 AM, when the sun pierces the slightly too ethereal curtains. But it’s a minor concern.IMG_0346

My housing contract includes breakfasts and dinners every night except Saturday – the food has been delicious so far. I wake every morning to a set table – tostadas (mini toasts) with butter and marmalade, fruit, coffee, and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Dinners have included spinach ravioli & ham in a cream sauce and fish with sweet potatoes and a carrot salad. I’m doing alright.

More on food later.


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